Sunday, November 30, 2008

Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni (October 19, 1882 – August 17, 1916) was a painter and a sculptor. He was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Like other Futurists, his work centered on the portrayal of movement, speed and technology.

Boccioni was the main theorist of the Futurist movement and in 1914, he published Pittura e scultura futuriste explaining the aesthetics of the group: “While the impressionists make a table to give one particular moment and subordinate the life of the table to its resemblance to this moment, we synthesize every moment (time, place, form, color-tone) and thus build the table.”

Mobilized in the first world war, Boccioni was assigned at an artillery regiment at Sorte, near Verona. On 16 August 1916, Boccioni was thrown from his horse during a cavalry training exercise and was trampled. He died the following day, age thirty-four.

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